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Driverless Electric Car Using Artificial Intelligence! Pune Students Turn Imagination Into Reality

The vehicle is built by the students of Pune's MIT World Peace University. The rationale behind the development was to reduce the increasing number of accidents and deaths.

Professor Steven Sutantro of Indonesia once said that innovation is about more than just technology. It's about how one can use technology to empower people to become lifelong learners who are agents of change.

And this is what exactly has been demonstrated by a group of engineering students of Pune-based MIT World Peace University.

The team has created a 'driverless autonomous' electric four-wheeler using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The rationale behind the development was to reduce the increasing number of accidents and deaths caused by human errors, NDTV reported.

The students involved in the project are pursuing different branches of engineering, including mechanical, electronics and telecommunications.

Work Behind Innovation

Yash Kesar, one of the group members, detailed how they built the car. The vehicle is based on level-III autonomy and uses a brushless DC electric motor (BLDC motor or BL motor. For the power, the team used a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery.

The steering, acceleration and brakes are controlled using numerous AI and ML algorithms. In addition, there are leader cameras, microprocessors, automated action control systems and various sensors in the vehicle. The car has the power of 3 kilowatts and can cover a distance of 40 km on full charge.

Sudhanshu Manerikar, who is also a part of the project, said the vehicles are applicable in agriculture, mining, transportation, and other fields. Not only this, these could be useful for connecting metro stations to the adjoining areas, for transportation, at airports, in golf clubs, in universities, etc.

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