Research & Development: IIT Delhi Launches Public Systems Lab To Bring Civic Solutions

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Research & Development: IIT Delhi Launches 'Public Systems Lab' To Bring Civic Solutions

IIT Delhi on Tuesday launched a Public Systems Lab to bring research and development for civic system solutions. The project has been launched in collaboration with United Nations World Food Programme.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi's Foundation for Innovation and Technology (FITT), on Tuesday (August 16), launched a 'Public Systems Lab' (PSL) to bring research and development for civic system solutions that affect millions. The initiative has been launched in collaboration with United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP).

The initiative is meant to enhance the public systems by helping to boost its performance and ensure the well-being of the communities. It will harness economics, manufacturing, data science, and research at all levels of relevant requirements.

The Union Minister for Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal, inaugurated the lab on Tuesday, termed it a 'game changer', and marked this initiative as an implementation of 'Anusandhan' (Research) for the beginning of Amrit Kaal. He said, "This lab can be an absolute game changer, and what better day to launch this lab in IIT-Delhi than the first day when the nation enters the Amrit Kal?"

The lab will likely collaborate closely with the private sector, governments, and organisations as it's a multi-stakeholder-engaging entity. The effort is to develop and bring civic system solutions that are sustainable and problem-solving in various domains, including health, food, and public transportation.

Other Projects Functioning Under PSL

Under the PSL's belt, many projects are already functioning, such as Bus Operation Toolkit for Bengaluru, through which bus schedules are optimised, and SDG 2 dashboard for Rajasthan, which aims for zero hunger, the Financial Express reported.

The department of PSL in Delhi is headed by professor Nomesh Bolia of the mechanical engineering department. He said, "PSL is also ready to provide technical support to entrepreneurs inspired by the lab's work and bring suitable ideas as well as reach out to people who can financially support the same."

The PSL is also looking to expand its partners by inviting more stakeholders to contribute to research and development (R&D).

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