India Flags Dangers Of Weaponised Drones At UN

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India Flags Dangers Of 'Weaponised Drones' At UN

Such technological advancements offer low-cost options and are easily available, hence the use of such platforms by terrorist groups has become an imminent danger for security agencies, according to VSK Kaumudi Special Secretary (Internal Security), Union Home Ministry.

After encountering multiple drones at military camps in Jammu and days after an attack on the Indian Air Force (IAF) station at the airport, India flagged the use of weaponised drones for terrorist activities at the United Nations General Assembly.

"Another add-on to existing worries is the use of drones. Being a low-cost option and easily available, utilisation of these platforms for sinister purposes by terrorist groups has become an imminent danger and challenge for security agencies worldwide," said VSK Kaumudi, Special Secretary (Internal Security), Ministry of Home Affairs, reported The Tribune.

Kaumudi was speaking at the second high-level conference of the Head of Counter-Terrorism Agencies of the Member States. He emphasised that the trans-border nature of this threat called for collective and unified action by the international community to hold accountable the countries sheltering terrorists.

Impact Of Pandemic

Kaumudi said the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent isolation have further accentuated the impact of the internet on people making them vulnerable to radicalisation and recruitment by terrorist groups.

Spreading terrorist propaganda through the use of "indulging video games" is another strategy that was deployed by terrorist groups during the pandemic, the official said.

He further pointed out how continuing advancements in evolving technologies—artificial intelligence, robotics, deepfakes, blockchain, dark web—can be abused by terrorists. "Already, cryptocurrencies and virtual assets are helping terror financing, helped by the anonymity and un-traceability nature of these technologies," he added.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, June 29, Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a top-level meeting to discuss a policy on the use of civil drones, `futuristic challenges' in the defence sector and the need to suitably equip the military with modern equipment to tackle such threats.

The two-hour meeting decided to fast-track "a comprehensive policy" on the use of drones by civilian operators in the country.

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