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Duty Calls! Gujarat Cop Helps Distressed Student Reach Exam Centre On Time, Wins Hearts Online

The story of Inspector JV Dhola's presence of mind and compassion to help a student reach the right exam centre in Gujarat is making rounds online and has even drawn the attention of Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi.

Examinations can be a stressful time for students, and it's often the small acts of help extended to them that makes it easier for them. Many such heartwarming stories have made it to social media and won hearts online during exam season. One such incident that has recently been going viral on Twitter is Inspector JV Dhola's presence of mind to help a student reach the right exam centre in Gujarat.

Rushing Through Exam Centre Confusion

Board examinations are a nerve-wracking time for many students across the country. The last-minute rush to the examination centres, in particular, sees a lot of confusion and chaos. At such a time, a student identified as Nisha was dropped by her father at the wrong examination centre some 20 kilometres from her actual centre in Bhuj. It was only when she had checked with the examination block that she found that she was at the wrong centre. Panicking about the mistake, she broke down to tears at the block.

Taking notice of the incident happening, the kind police officer rushed to assist Nisha. Inspector Dhola calmed her down and immediately took the service vehicle to take her to the right center. His presence of mind and timely action helped Nisha reach the centre just ten minutes before the exam.

'Going Out Of Their Way To Help'

The responsible officer's act of kindness has helped a girl child give her attempt at the exams she had prepared day and night for. The story posted on Twitter blew up instantly after being tweeted and brought in more than one million reactions.

A user named Sushil Aggarwal commented that the incident is a wonderful example of the sense of compassion and dutifulness police officers in the country show. Another user, Smitha, commented, "police officers are going out of their way to help candidates either going late to exams or forgetting hall ticket or this case." Many other users also poured in their appreciation for the officer's service.

The post went viral within no time, and it also drew the attention of Home Minister Harsh Sanghavi. Congratulating Inspector Dhola, he was among the many netizens who showered praises for his kind gesture. A few weeks back, a similar incident was reported from Kolkata, where a police officer named Souvik Chakraborty created a green corridor to help a student reach her exam centre on time.

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