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Double Amputee Ex- Nepalese Soldier Scales Everest With Artificial Limbs

A double amputee ex-British Gurkha soldier has scaled Mt. Everest, becoming the first in the category to do it with artificial legs.

A double amputee ex-British Gurkha soldier has scaled Mt. Everest, becoming the first in the category to do it with artificial legs, an official announced on Saturday.

Hari Budha Magar, a resident of Canterbury, Kent, reached the summit of the world's tallest mountain at 3 p.m. on Friday, after beginning the journey on April 17 - exactly 13 years after losing his legs in an IED blast.

He had postponed his plans to climb Mount Everest in 2018 when the government implemented a mountaineering regulation 2017 that prohibited blind, double-amputee, and solo climbers from climbing mountains, including Everest.

In response to a writ case filed against the ban, the Supreme Court revoked the restriction by granting an order in 2018, opening the door for Budhamagar to create history.

Talking from the Mount Everest base camp, he stated: "All of my jackets were completely freezing. He went on to say how everything was frozen. Even the warm water they put in the Thermos became frozen, and they could not drink it.

"When I came down, we were out of oxygen," he added, according to a report in The Guardian. "The guys came up with oxygen. I was bumping down on my bum, and we had 30, 40 minutes of oxygen, and we still had two, three hours to get down."

He was aided throughout the task by a team of Nepalese climbers commanded by Krish Thapa, a former Gurkha and SAS mountain unit leader.

Budha Magar, who was fighting alcoholism and was depressed after the blast, said he felt his life was "completely finished" after he lost his lower legs in Afghanistan.

"Without [losing my legs], I wouldn't be climbing Everest, so it wouldn't even matter much," he remarked. Whatever happens, it happens for the best."

On May 21, Magar's team announced on Twitter that he had become the first person with these circumstances to scale Mt. Everest. The post read, "BREAKING NEWS – Hari Budha Magar creates history as he successfully conquers Everest."

The tweet was quickly flooded with sincere compliments from Twitter users worldwide. His bravery and accomplishment deeply moved everyone.

Netizens Inspired By His Achievement

Five foreigners reached the summit of Mount Everest on Sunday. According to officials, Nepal now has a record 466 permits to climb Mount Everest this spring.

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