103-Year-Old Freedom Fighter Wins A Second Battle, This Time Against Covid

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103-Year-Old Freedom Fighter Wins A Second Battle, This Time Against Covid

HS Doreswamy was admitted to Jayadeva Hospital last week with mild symptoms like fever, cold. He was discharged on May 12

HS Doreswamy, who is an eminent Gandhian and a freedom fighter, is 103. But this centenarian has managed to beat COVID against all odds.

Doreswamy developed symptoms last week and had been admitted to Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research (SJICSR) in Bengaluru. He was discharged on May 12, reported The Hindu. He refused to be bogged down by the virus. Dr CN Manjunath, director of SJICSR, told AsiaNet News that the centenarian had been brought to the hospital last week with mild symptoms like fever, cold and breathing difficulties. The doctor confirmed that no Remdevisir had been administered to him and he recovered with just basic treatment.

The centenarian told Deccan Herald that he was not worried when he tested positive for the virus. He told the daily that even though the government had enough time to prepare for the disaster that the second wave of the virus has unleashed but they did not do so. "It has also been reported widely that the government did not listen to the advice of the experts. Everything appeared to be disorganized and poorly managed without taking into consideration the gravity of the situation. It is saddening to see so many deaths on a daily basis, " he said.

Born in 1918, Doreswamy became a teacher of physics and maths at a school in Bengaluru. He joined the freedom struggle in June 1942, on Mahatma Gandhi's call. Barely six months in, the centenarian was arrested for arson. When he was released in 1943, he plunged into the Independence movement.

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