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Watch: Hyderabad Road Caves In; Damages Vehicles & Vegetable Carts, 3 Injured

At least three people suffered injuries while several pushcarts, cars and private vehicles were damaged when a large portion of the Chaknawadi road in Goshamahal caved in on December 23. Though civic authorities are yet to ascertain the reason for the collapse, they suspect it could be because of a pipeline burst or shutting of a sewage line running under the road. The witnesses to the incident said that they felt a 'tremor' beneath their feet before the road suddenly caved in. Fortunately, they managed to jump to the side to avoid getting hurt. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)-deployed Disaster Response Force (DRF) teams that reached the spot along with a crane and three JCB excavators, immediately cordoned off the road.

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