Fact Check: Unrelated Image Shared With False Claim Of 'Hathras Bhabhi' Disguised As Farmer In Ongoing Farmers' Protest

India   |   4 Dec 2020 8:51 AM GMT
Editor : Bharat Nayak | Creatives : Yusha Rahman
An old image from anti-CAA protest is being shared with a false claim that Dr Rajkumkari Bansal who visited Hathras rape victim's family has also joined ongoing farmers' protest in Delhi.

Farmers from Punjab are protesting in Delhi against the farm bills passed by the Centre. Later to get the attention of Central Government, the farmers marched to Delhi on November 26. Bharatiya Janata Party supporters are calling farmers' protest a conspiracy by the Congress and Khalistanis to defame the ruling government.

Claim Review :  The lady in the photo is Dr Rajkumari Bansal who is participating in ongoing farmers protest in Delhi.
Claimed By :  Social Media
Fact Check :  False
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