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Eco-Tourism In Sarmoli: Himalayan Homestay Run By Women Guides Visitor Around Hills

An avid mountaineer and a social activist, Virdi launched the Himalayan Ark Homestay programme in 2004 through Sarmoli Jayanti Van Panchayat. Solely run by the women of the region, the programme’s main objective was to let visitors see the region through the eyes of a local—from being treated to meals consisting of local delicacies. The women, who’ve spent all their lives in the village, have a vast knowledge about the flora and fauna of the region and would therefore don the role of guides to show visitors around. Recently, Nivedita Bhasin, on January 11, shared a Twitter video about her experience at Himalayanark. She also appreciated the gracious women of Sarmoli who guided her around the hills and dales.

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