Beat The Heat: Amid Soaring Temperature, This Autodrivers Rooftop Garden Keeps Passengers Cool

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Beat The Heat: Amid Soaring Temperature, This Autodriver's Rooftop Garden Keeps Passengers Cool

The auto driver has grown more than 20 varieties of shrubs, crops and flowers in his rooftop garden. The thick patch of green keeps the vehicle cool even as the temperatures touch 45 degrees Celsius in Delhi.

In Delhi, an autorickshaw driver named Mahendra Kumar is turning heads as he drives along the lanes of the national capital. His unique approach to beating the heat as the heatwave grips parts of India is winning appreciation from across the country.

Kumar's rooftop garden on his autorickshaw to keep his passengers cool amid sweltering temperatures. The 48-year-old's unique moving garden attracts passengers and passersby to shoot videos while travelling and click pictures along with the auto.

Installed Coolers Inside

Although the yellow and green coloured three-wheelers are standard on the streets of the capital, the auto with a rooftop garden is gaining attention as Kumar has installed two mini-coolers and fans inside the auto. Kumar, the father of three children, said that he often receives extra tips for his excellent out-of-the-box customer service.

Wion reported, "Around two years ago, I had this idea during the peak of the summer season. I thought if I can grow some plants on the roof, it will keep my auto cool and give relief from the heat to my passengers".

Grown Over 20 Types Of Crops, Shrubs

Kumar has grown more than 20 varieties of shrubs, crops, and flowers on his rooftop garden and mentioned that he is contributing his bit towards the environment with his idea. He acquired seeds from his acquaintances and roadside and planted them on his autorickshaw after putting a mat and some soil on its roof. Kumar also mentioned that fellow auto drivers have also asked him for tips to impress their customers.

With each passing year, the threat of climate change is becoming more real. Since 2010, more than 6,500 people have passed away due to several heatwaves.

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