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Elderly Couple From Nagpur Sets Up Poha Stall To Earn A Living, Wins Hearts

For the past four years, every morning at the crack of dawn, the couple has been setting up their stall and making necessary arrangements to run it for at least 10 hours.

Heartwarming video of a 70-year-old couple has been doing rounds on social media and has earned them huge affection and praises for the hard work and diligence.

The couple who hails from Nagpur sells Tarri Poha, a popular dish among the natives. Despite their feeble physique, the couple has been working hard to make money suffice enough to fend for both of them.

The video of the couple was shared by a food vlogger-duo named 'Eatographers' on Instagram. The elderly couple sells poha only for Rs 10 and put up a small stall every day for four years.

Every morning at the crack of dawn, the couple sets up their stall and makes the necessary arrangements to run their shop for at least 10 hours. They also sell Aloo Bonda for Rs 15. Such low prices for lip-smacking dishes are another factor that made netizens shower praises for the couple.

The food vloggers, while sharing their story, wrote: "It has been four years since they started this stall. They are hardworking and full of hope."

The caption also mentioned the details about their stall, including the address and the timings. Following this, Netizens shared the details on Twitter in a bid to spread the word for help.

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