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'Let Muslims Live Peacefully': Senior BJP Leaders Take Hard Stand Against Karnataka Communal Tensions

The former CM, BS Yediyurappa, spoke to Basavaraj Bommai recently and asked him to take strict action against the miscreants. Further, he has implored the Hindu and Muslim communities to co-exist peacefully.

Amidst the communal tensions flaring in Karnataka, senior BJP leaders promise to take action against the fringe elements. CM Basavaraj Bommai and his predecessor, B.S Yeduyirappa, are demanding peace in the state. The ministers have warned the fundamentalist groups against taking the law into their own hands, as they will face dire consequences.

The past few weeks have been a nightmare for the Southern state. Starting with the Hijab row, the tensions between Hindus and Muslims aggravated when the former called for boycotting the latter's businesses and stalls in the temple establishment. In light of this, the Bommai government will take necessary action to quell the communal rift.

Hindus And Muslims Co-Exist Peacefully

Yediyurappa has spoken to Bommai and asked him to take strict action against the miscreants. Also, he demanded peaceful co-existence between the two communities.

"Hindus and Muslims should live like brothers. They should stop acts causing disharmony and let everyone, including Muslims, live with respect and honour. I have spoken to CM Bommai. He has assured of legal action against the miscreants," The News Minute quoted the former chief minister.

Further, he talked about his work during Coronavirus when he warned Hindu groups for insinuating hatred against Muslims. Also, he has asked the Congress opposition to cooperate with Basavaraj Bommai, where he asked leaders like K Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar not to create unnecessary confusion between the communities that will do more harm than good.

Bommai Under Scrutiny

The public boycott of Muslim businesses has raised uncomfortable questions. Basavaraj Bommai found himself in the centre of them as the opposition criticised him for staying silent on the fringe attacks that increased in recent weeks. Recently, Bommai spoke to the public and cleared his stand.

According to The Indian Express, he says, "Ours is a government constituted under the Constitution of India. We are of the view that law and order should be protected and that all people are equal. There is no problem if people express their opinions but when they take the law into their own hands, or when there is violence, the government will not tolerate it and we have made this message clear."

With this, the cross-accusation round continued as Bommai blamed the Congress party for dropping cases against several criminals. Calling Karnataka a 'peaceful and law-abiding state', the BJP leadership feels confident about upholding the law of the land and putting an end to the miscreant attack on the Muslims in the state.

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