Lady With High Self-Respect: Video Of 80-Yr-Old Amritsar Woman Selling Juice Goes Viral

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'Lady With High Self-Respect': Video Of 80-Yr-Old Amritsar Woman Selling Juice Goes Viral

The video, shot by a journalist, showing an elderly lady in Amritsar running her juice stall to make ends meet has created a buzz on social media.

A video of an 80-year-old woman running a fruit juice shop in Amritsar has gone viral on social media. The elderly lady is struggling to earn her living as minimal customers visit her stall. The video shows the woman making fresh sweet lime juice and treating customers with a smile on her face. The stall is located at Rani Da Bagh, opposite SBI bank near Uppal Neuro Hospital.

The video was shared by a journalist named Aarif Shah. He captioned the video, "This 80-year-old woman runs a stall in Amritsar. She is working hard in her old age to feed herself. She's struggling to have customers from some time. Her stall is located at Rani Da Bagh, near Uppal Neuro Hospital. Please visit her stall, help her so that she can earn some money," while posting on his Twitter handle.

He shared the exact location of the stall with another tweet, "The exact location of her stall is Rani Da Bagh, Amritsar, opposite SBI Bank near Uppal Neuro Hospital. Please help her."

Food blogger and YouTuber Gaurav Wasan, who had earlier brought the plight of an elderly couple in Delhi running an eatery called 'Baba Ka Dhaba' into the limelight, also posted the lady's video on his Instagram reels. The 30-second video has more than 9 million views, and counting and over 1.5 million likes so far on his account.

Netizens Come To The Rescue

As soon as the video went viral, netizens flocked to the comments section and offered help. Many asked for the lady's bank account number to provide financial assistance to her. Some requested the government to introduce a minimum income scheme for the elderly.

"I'm sure the old lady won't readily accept help, but is there some way to help her ?, one of the internet users wrote.

"I get what she's doing is showing she's strong-willed, but our elders shouldn't have to do this. It makes me so sad. They should enjoy their later years with their family and relax. The system is just so unfair," another Twitter user wrote.

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