Verbolabs: All You Need To Know About The Udaipur-Based Startup Representing India At Cannes 2022

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Verbolabs: All You Need To Know About The Udaipur-Based Startup Representing India At Cannes 2022

VerboLabs became one of the five startups in the audio-visual industry selected by the Ministry of I&B to put forward their products and services to major brands and companies at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

At the 75th Cannes Film Festival in Paris, Verbolabs, a language-solution provider stationed in Udaipur and Bengaluru, has been selected by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of India to be one of the five startups in audio-visual representing India.

Verbolabs provides two primary services, 'localisation' and 'dubbing', across 60-70 local Indian languages. It will be showcasing its services and products to popular brands and agencies, which will be present at Cannes.

Prithvi Jain, Founder and CEO, shared the information in a post on LinkedIn. She said, "I'm happy to share that Verbolabs is one of the five startups chosen by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting of India to represent India at the Cannes Film Festival."

About Verbolabs

Started in 2017 by Prithvi Jain, an entrepreneur based in Udaipur, Verbolabs aimed to translate and provide dubbing in the media industry. She started this endeavour due to her interest in localising the out-of-reach media content that lacked proper subtitles, translations, and dubbing.

Since then, it has been budding, giving over 80 full-time employment opportunities and enlisting more than 5000 language and dubbing specialists. As cited in Udaipur Times, it has recently spread into the US market, intending to localise and make media content of foreign countries and languages accessible.

Growth In The Industry

Serving over 350 companies and brands from various industries - marketing, finance, legal, and technology- worldwide, it has bloomed into one of India's top 10 language provider companies.

Verbolabs' unique agenda to connect diverse populations globally by removing the language barrier has become very popular. They have localised around 60 global languages in the past four years through 1200 professionals.

Their two-level quality check and new technologies have increased their pace in producing localised media content faster, as given on their website.

Major Services Offered

First is the process of 'localisation' which is the adaptations of specific content in one language to be portrayed as more appropriate and appealing to the audience of another region or ethnicity. If one person from France looks at India's clothing brand website, Verbolabs will make it more engaging and attractive for French viewers.

Another popular service is 'dubbing', which helps connect more people to multimedia content in their language, making it more convenient as the audience can consume it within their comforts. The digital age is all about making everything suitable and within one's reach. With Korean dramas and pop content becoming worldwide famous, dubbing services come in handy for the media organisation to reach maximum audience and make a profit.

In this era, the globe has lost many of its barriers, with people accessing information worldwide. Thus, a company needs to stay abreast of these changes and be dynamic enough to attract a global audience. This makes Verbolabs an asset in the media industry.

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