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'Record-Breaking Vaccination Numbers Gladdening': PM Modi On India Administering Over 85 Lakh COVID Jabs

Under the country's revised strategy on COVID-19 vaccination, free vaccines are now being administered to all adults at government centres.

On the first day of the new vaccine policy, India administered a record 85 lakh vaccines as the central government kickstarted providing free jabs against COVID 19.

A total of 85,15,000 people were inoculated against the coronavirus on Monday, June 21. Free jabs were provided to the eligible population in more than 67,000 vaccination centres across the country.

It is the highest number of doses administered in a day since the nationwide drive began on January 16. According to Deccan Herald, the previous record was 43 Lakh vaccines administered on April 5.

With this, a total of 29 crore jabs have been given in the country.

The New Vaccine Strategy

Under the country's revised strategy on COVID-19 vaccination, free vaccines will be administered to all adults at government centres. The central government will be procuring 75 per cent of the vaccines, leaving 25 per cent for private hospitals. This revision, which was announced by the Prime Minister earlier in June, was announced after the Supreme Court termed the policy "arbitrary" and "irrational".

The previous policy had the Centre shouldering the responsibility for only 50 per cent of total vaccinations. It covered free vaccines for frontline workers and those above age 45. 25 per cent of vaccines were sold to states and 25 per cent to private players.

PM Congratulated The Country

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his delight over the record vaccination through a tweet.

"Today's record-breaking vaccination numbers are gladdening. The vaccine remains our strongest weapon to fight COVID-19. Congratulations to those who got vaccinated and kudos to all the front-line warriors working hard to ensure so many citizens got the vaccine. Well done India!"

Madhya Pradesh led the drive by administering over 15 lakh jabs followed by Karnataka with over 10 lakh doses. Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh administered 6.74 lakh vaccines, and Gujarat vaccinated 5.02 lakh people.

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