Indomitable Spirit: Shot 7 Times By Mafia, PCS Officer Makes It To UPSC

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Indomitable Spirit: Shot 7 Times By Mafia, PCS Officer Makes It To UPSC

Rinkoo Rahee cracked the Provincial Civil Services (PCS) in 2007 and incurred the wrath of a powerful scam when he unearthed the Rs 100 crores scholarship scam when he was only 26 years old.

Rinkoo Rahee, a Provincial Civil Services officer, decided to strengthen his hands and cleared the UPSC examination, which was declared recently. However, he had made a reputation as an honest officer who defied death for his duty. In March 2009, Rinkoo sustained seven bullet injuries for pursuing and unearthing a Rs 100 crores scholarship scam at 26 years. Three bullets hit his face, leaving it disfigured; blind in one eye and impaired in one ear. Rinkoo finally cleared the exam and secured 683rd rank in the recently announced results.

Age Relaxation By UPSC

UPSC had given age relaxation for exceptional cases, which helped Rahee achieve the feat. In 2008, he was deputed as the social welfare officer in Muzaffarnagar when he busted the racket. Eight men were booked for the attack on him, out of which four were sentenced to ten years in prison, The Times of India reported. Rahee said he was not fighting the system during his ordeal, but the plan was to fight with him. He was in the hospital for four months, and his medical leave is reportedly still pending approval. Moreover, Rahee was also sent to the Psychiatry ward to protest against corruption. No matter which government came into power, he said his punishments never ended.

Did Not Indulge In Nefarious Activities

Rahee's grandfather died when he was ten years old, and his grandmother had to do menial jobs to make ends meet. His father was a good student but had to drop out because of a lack of financial resources. Such stories of exploitation made Rahee believe that things might have been better for them only if government officials were honest. Now a father to an eight-year-old, Rahee remembers that when he was offered a bribe to cover up the scam before the attack, he was reminded that if he also indulged in nefarious activities, another child would suffer as he suffered.

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