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'At least 10 People Died In Every Village', Claims UP BJP Leader Criticising State's COVID Management

State BJP working committee member Ram Iqbal Singh said that the health department in Uttar Pradesh did not learn from the first wave of the pandemic which resulted in a large number of COVID-related deaths during the second phase.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Ram Iqbal Singh raised concerns over the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic by the Uttar Pradesh government and stated that the authorities did not learn any lesson from the first wave of the outbreak.

A member of the party's working committee in the state, Singh claimed that at least 10 people died in every village during the devastating second phase, and the state's inefficient management lead to a large number of fatalities.

He is the latest member in the party to publicly criticise the failure of the state government, reported NDTV.

Criticism Of Health Department

According to reports, Iqbal Singh directed his criticism towards the health department of the state.

He lamented that his district, which has 34 lakh people, does not have doctors or medicines to take care of those infected. Alleging that the UP Chief Minister was misled when he expressed his satisfaction with the preparation of the health department, he said that the officials did not show him the true picture of the healthcare conditions.

He further demanded compensation of ₹10 lakh for the families of those who died of COVID-19.

Singh One Of The Many To Express Dissatisfaction

According to media reports, BJP's Sitapur MLA Rakesh Rathore had expressed his anger on the handling of the COVID crisis. He feared that he might have to face sedition charges for speaking up against the party.

Earlier, Union Labour minister Santosh Gangwar had complained about the healthcare services of Bareilly district to CM Yogi Adityanath. He had blamed the officials for not picking up distress calls, and health centres sending back patients to get referrals from the district hospital.

A confidential letter written by UP Law Minister Brajesh Pathak surfaced on social media in which he lashed out at health officials. The letter mentioned the shortage of beds and that ambulance would take hours to reach for pickup.

Dead Bodies in Ganga

Uttar Pradesh remained in the spotlight throughout the second wave of the pandemic. Hundreds of bodies were found floating in river Ganga when the second wave was at its peak. Experts believed that the death toll of the state was massively underreported. The actual number could be several times higher than the official count.

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