Young Unani Doctor Muhammed Shafi From Kerala On Mission To Cure Remote Villages Of India

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Young Unani Doctor Muhammed Shafi From Kerala On Mission To Cure Remote Villages Of India

After completing his Bachelor Unani Medicine and Surgery course, the 23-year-old went to north India and set up solo medical camps.

During Dr. Muhammed Shafi P E's medical camp in Sabhapur hamlet in Uttar Pradesh, an 80-year-old woman pleaded, "Let me leave" and expressed that she couldn't submit herself to a peculiar machine. Sphygmomanometer, which he had brought out to check her blood pressure, terrified her.

Many were seeing a skilled doctor for the first time, considering the fact that quacks predominantly function in such areas. Villagers in Kalindi Kunj, near Delhi, were daunted to witness Shafi wearing a facemask and gloves.

Shafi, a young Unani doctor from Kondotty, states that these settlements are isolated 24*7. He met many individuals who had not even heard of Covid. The 23-year-old had headed off to communities in north India, setting up solo medical camps, after completing his Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery study at the Tipu Sultan Unani Medical College in Kalaburagi.

"I wanted to meet local healers across India and know about rare herbs. I planned 120 medical camps in remote parts of the country. Since February 9, I completed 40 across Delhi, UP, Haryana, Punjab, and Kashmir in two months, before the Covid second wave," Shafi says reported The New Indian Express.

In these camps, almost 3,000 individuals have sought his advice. "I had a bag of free Unani medication from pharma firms, as well as antibiotics and painkillers," he claims. Local non-governmental organizations introduced him to the locals, and the residents led him to neighbour communities. He asserts that malnutrition and communicable illnesses were unrestrained.

"I haven't seen a single kid without a runny nose. I found typhoid is common in Punjab and flu in Delhi." Back in Kondotty now, he seems positive about achieving his mission. "I hope to do my PG in Turkey. My aim is to track the roots of ancient medicines and the diagnosis methods," he says.

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