Good News! Remote Village In Chhattisgarh Completes 100% First Dose Vaccination

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Good News! Remote Village In Chhattisgarh Completes 100% First Dose Vaccination

Local teams and healthcare workers helped Renganar become the first village of Chhattisgarh to vaccinate its entire adult population with the first dose of vaccine against COVID-19.

Renganar, a village in the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, has set an example by vaccinating all eligible people against COVID-19.

It has become the first village in the state to administer the first dose of the COVID vaccine to all adults above the age of 18, state officials said on Wednesday, June 16.

Located 420 km away from Raipur, Renganar is a small tribal-dominated village with a population of 310 adults, reported The Hindu. Officials have confirmed that the 294 people who were eligible for vaccination have received the first jab.

Achievement Of Local Health Workers And Awareness Teams

The early days of the vaccination drive in the district saw little participation from the villagers due to apprehensions about the COVID vaccine. The administration started a rigorous awareness campaign, and teams were sent to every house in the village to inform villagers about the benefits of vaccination.

"Earlier, people were apprehensive about the vaccine, but the counselling helped to make them agree for it," Santram, a member of the awareness team told The Hindu.

The awareness team and local health workers played a crucial role in convincing the villagers to get inoculated against coronavirus. Door-to-door campaigning paved the way for removing hesitancy amongst the locals and making the vaccination drive success in the district.

Lack Of Technology

Limited access to the internet and smartphones made it a mammoth task to achieve the milestone of 100% vaccination. But the constant efforts of the local teams made sure everyone in the village received their first dose.

The publication reported that 'Coronavirus Awareness Teams' were constituted in every panchayat in Dantewada which has been overseeing activities related to testing and vaccination.

Vaccination Coverage In Tribal Districts Faring Better

COVID-19 vaccination coverage per million population in tribal districts is higher than the national average, with 128 out of 176 tribal districts performing better than the rest of India, the Union Health Ministry said on Tuesday.

The vaccination per million population in tribal districts is 1,73,875, which is higher than the national average at 1,68,951. According to the data available on Co-WIN, as of June 3, the gender ratio for people vaccinated is also better in tribal districts.

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