For Brotherhood Sake: Muslims Move To Delhi HC To Safeguard Temple From Damage

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For Brotherhood Sake: Muslims Move To Delhi HC To Safeguard Temple From Damage

A concerned group of Muslim residents in Delhi's Jamia Nagar moved to Delhi High Court to ensure halting of damage of old temple premises in the locality.

Some of the Muslim residents in Delhi's Jamia Nagar undertook a swift legal move to safeguard an old temple in the locality. The group of residents moved to the Delhi High Court to halt the damage of temple premises. On September 24, the Delhi High Court ordered the Police to ensure that the temple in Jamia Nagar was 'protected' and rebuked for having a no law and order situation in the area. The order comes after a few miscreants razed the Dharamshala next to the temple last week. After the Court's order, a quick response team was formed, and three policemen stood guard to the 50-year-old temple.

Locality Was A Hotspot For Anti-CAA Protests

According to The Wire, Jai Prakash said that the temple now has security because of the efforts of local Muslims in the area. He said, "The miscreants were targeting our religious structures because of their greed for money. The private builders wanted to take that land away and build something else over it". Now, the temple gates have also been locked. Prakash belongs to the minority Hindu residents of the area. Last year, Jamia Nagar was one of the hotspots of Anti-CAA protests because the two most prominent protest spots, Shaheen Bagh and Jamia Milia Islamia University, is located there.

Dharamshala Was Common For All People

Locals believe that private builders had their eyes on the Dharamshala for a long time and started encroaching upon the land. It has been a decade since the temple closed, and men from big private builders usually stand guard to it. However, the Dharamshala was a familiar spot for all the people to host events like weddings and last year, a Muslim man had hosted his daughter's nikah in the Dharamshala. Another resident of the same locality said that their Muslim neighbours stood by them and extended support to the Muslim community by calling on the authorities to take action against the alleged miscreants.

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