Journalism Student Details Assault By Uber Auto Driver On Twitter, Accused Arrested On Immediate Action

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Journalism Student Details Assault By Uber Auto Driver On Twitter, Accused Arrested On Immediate Action

A Twitter thread posted by a journalism student, detailing the alleged assault she faced by an Uber auto driver, went viral and led to the arrest of the accused within a day's time.

Ishita Singh, a student at the Asian College of Journalism posted a Twitter thread accusing an Uber auto driver of assault on September 26. She detailed the series of events along with screenshots of the ride and images of the auto.

The thread instantly went viral and fell under the notice of police officials and the mobility service provider, who were quick to look into the issue and take necessary action. The incident has, however, brought back worries about the questionable safety conditions for women.

The Events As Explained Under The Thread

Ishita Singh was returning from a restaurant to a hotel in Semmancheri, accompanied by a friend, when the incident occurred. As per the thread that she had posted online, the driver groped her when they reached the destination. Alarmed by the driver's inappropriate behaviour, she immediately began alerting people around them.

The driver, who was identified by Singh as Selvam, fled the scene before a crowd could approach. Singh dialled up the police to report the incident, but there was no response until at least 30 minutes. Later on, two policemen arrived at the scene and asked Singh to wait until morning to file a First Investigation Report (FIR) as there were no women officers available at the station at that time.

Claiming that they were abiding by the order issued by the government, the police did not permit the two women to go to the police station at night. After several arguments, they were taken to the station and made to write a complaint outside the police station as they said, "women are not allowed during the night".

After the events, Singh took to Twitter to share the screenshots of information regarding the Uber driver who had assaulted her and the ride details. She tagged the responsible police officials and also made it a point to mention the sections under which he is liable to be punished.

Replying to the thread posted by Singh, the Tambaram Police Commissionerate said a case has been registered against the accused and assured that necessary action will be taken. Uber India also took cognizance of the incident and asked the woman to share the details of her ride with the company.

Reactions By Netizens And The Following Arrest

According to the recent update posted by Ishita Singh, CCTV footage of the accused's auto was seized by the Tambaram City Police, following which the team of police arrested the auto driver.

Netizens lauded her efforts, and some also demanded a statement from the auto driver's side to ensure both sides are heard.

It has also raised a discussion on understanding and voicing out assault cases that occur on a daily basis. Ishita Singh is a student who is well aware of the legal side of such cases and was quick to take action against the accused. However, many people in India continue to hold back from taking ahead cases of assault legally due to several reasons ranging from lack of awareness to fear of shame attached to assault.

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