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Indian Coast Guards Apprehends Refugees From Sri Lanka After Economic Crisis Arises

Sri Lanka's financial crisis stems from a critical shortfall of foreign currency, leaving traders unable to finance imports. Moreover, the country's tourism sector, which is the primary source of earning, dried up due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sri Lanka's economic crisis worsened after the inflation skyrocketed to 17.5 per cent, the highest since 2015. The Lankans have started fleeing the country, and the cascading effects have begun to show in India.

On Wednesday morning, the Indian Coast Guard apprehended six Sri Lankan nationals, including children from the fourth island near Tamil Nadu's Rameshwaram. The refugees were trying to migrate illegally from Sri Lanka to India on a boat. 16 refugees, including eight children from Jaffna and Mannar, reached Tamil Nadu.

Refugees From Tamil-dominated Region Expected To Arrive

The island nation has been severely hit by unemployment and is facing a food shortage. The citizens are panicking because prices of essential commodities like milk and bread are rising exponentially. Reports in the media indicate that is just the beginning. More refugees from the Tamil-dominated regions in northern Sri Lanka are expected to arrive in India in the coming weeks. The number could go up to 2000, The Times of India reported.

Over 60,000 Refugees Already In Camps In Tamil Nadu

Previously, the civil war in Sri Lanka triggered the influx of Tamil refugees. Sixty thousand refugees live in 107 resettlement camps in Tamil Nadu, and another 30,000 reside outside those camps. R Rajendran and Mary Clarin planned an escape along with their four-month-old son. The young couple were unemployed and terrified of the increasing milk prices, and LPG cylinders were becoming unavailable.

In the official statement, the Indian Coast Guard said, "All six persons were brought to Mandapam hoverport safely. A joint interrogation was carried out upon their arrival. Upon completing the interrogation, they were handed over to the Mandapam Coastal Security Group for further action". The worsening situation is pushing the locals to take desperate steps.

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