Rats Nibble At Womans Body At Private Hospital Mortuary In Kerala

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Rats Nibble At Woman's Body At Private Hospital Mortuary In Kerala

The deceased's family said that due to space restrictions they had asked the hospital to keep the body in the mortuary. However, on returning the next day, they saw injury marks on the woman's face.

The dead body of a 65-year-old woman which was kept at a private hospital mortuary in Kerala's Palakkad district was found to be nibbled at by the rats. The family of the deceased has alleged that the incident took place due to the hospital's negligence.

The woman, Sundari, was admitted to the hospital after she had a heart attack. She died on Tuesday, June 15. The deceased's house did not have the required space to keep the body, hence the family requested the authorities to keep it at the hospital.

When the family members went to collect the body the next day, they were shocked to see injury marks on the woman's cheeks and nose. The family said rodents nibbled at her body when it was kept at the mortuary.

"However, when we reached the hospital today (June 16) to take the body, the face was covered. When asked the hospital officials, they informed us that rodents had eaten it away," a relative alleged, reported The News Minute.

Kerala Health Minister Veena George sought a report from District Medical Officer (DMO).

"There was a lapse on the part of the hospital. Although we did not find any evidence, they admitted the face was disfigured. We will file a report to the Health Minister," the DMO told the media.

Similar Incident In UP

A similar incident was reported in Uttar Pradesh, when rats and ants gnawed at the unclaimed body of a 32-year-old woman in May 2021. The body was left in the mortuary for four days at a hospital in Uttar Pradesh's Azamgarh district as neither the hospital conducted the autopsy nor the police could ascertain the identity of the body.

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