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Man Gets Offended By 'Qibla' Sign At Delhi Airport Prayer Hall, Files Complaint

The 'Qibla' sign shows the direction Muslims offer namaz in. Most airports around the world have prayer halls that are not restricted to a single religious community.

A man named Shailendra Pratap Singh Jadaun filed a complaint at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi against the 'Qibla' sign in the prayer hall. The sign is important in Islam as it refers to the direction in which the Muslims offer namaz. Seeing the sign, he clicked a series of pictures of it and stated that it 'offended his religious statements.'

In several airports around the world, prayers halls are built but they are not restricted to any particular religion. However, the recent incident has further intensified blatant attacks on the Muslim community that continue to increase every single day.

'Unwanted Black Stone' In Prayer Room'

According to a publication called 'Siasat', Jadaun had visited the room to pray. However, he was troubled on seeing the sign, that was put to make it easy for the Muslims to offer Namaz. "I request that stones with the word 'Qibla' written on them be removed from both men and women's prayer room. My religious feelings have been offended by it. I could not even finish my prayers," his complaint said.

The screenshots of his Facebook post were also shared on Twitter that showed the pictures of the sign. Calling it an 'unwanted black stone', he asked the concerned authorities to act right away and remove the sign from both men's and women's prayer rooms.

Soon after the complaint was filed, the Delhi Airport officials acted upon it. Jadaun shared the pictures of the sweepers doing the needful. However, this is not the first time he has done this. Earlier, he had raised a similar concern at Bengaluru's Kempegowda International Airport where he objected to the presence of a 'red sign' and an ablution room in the prayer hall.

A prayer room in any part of the world is open to different kinds of people. It is never right to raise an unnecessary alarm because its mere presence hurts the sentiments of a certain community. The past few weeks have witnessed some detrimental examples of religious intolerance, which India 'believes' that it does not exist.

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