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No Oxygen Plants Installed At 7 Private Hospitals Despite Orders, Jalandhar Administration Issues Notices

The District Commissioner said the health department would cancel the licences of the listed hospitals as COVID Care facilities if they did not adhere to guidelines.

Nearly seven private hospitals in Jalandhar have not installed the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)-based oxygen generation plants on their campuses, despite the official orders by the administration.

Following this, the district administration, on Wednesday, July 7, issued show-cause notices to these hospitals for not complying with the official orders, The Indian Express reported.

The hospitals that have come under the radar include the Sharanjit Hospital, Kidney Hospital, Oxford Hospital, Caremax Hospital, Ghai Hospital, Sikka Hospital, and Neuronova Hospital.

When the second wave hit Jalandhar, the district administration had air-lifted oxygen tankers. Later, they issued the order for directing the hospitals to set up plants to make them self-reliant and meet the requirements.

Speaking to the media, District Commissioner Ghanshyam Thori informed that these hospitals had received high demands for oxygen cylinders, with more than 50 each day. They were directed to install them by August 2021, especially considering the potential third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, no efforts were made so far by any of the hospitals to manage the high demand for oxygen cylinders, Thori added.

Administration's Action

The commissioner said he would recommend the health department cancel the licences of the listed hospitals as COVID Care facilities if they did not adhere to guidelines. The hospitals will also be held accountable if any COVID casualty occurs due to the lack of medical equipment.

Hospitals with oxygen plants would be prioritised for admitting the patients in their COVID Care facilities.

Thori also appreciated several private hospitals in the district for adhering to the official orders. The hospitals equipped with oxygen plants are - Shriman Super Speciality, NHS, New Ruby, Armaan, Rattan, Joshi, Global, Tagore Capitol Hospital, and PIMS. Further, six more hospitals comprising Sarvodya, Maan Medicity, Innocent Hearts Hospital, Johal, and Military hospital, the media reported.

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