Fighting Status Quo!: Nirmala Sitharaman, 5 Other Indians Made To Forbes Worlds 100 Most Powerful Women

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'Fighting Status Quo!': Nirmala Sitharaman, 5 Other Indians Made To Forbes' World's 100 Most Powerful Women

Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women is a list collated by assessing the contributions and reach of women from around the world. The list featured six Indian women this year, including the Finance Minister of the country.

Forbes' lists are one of the highly anticipated rankings that set individuals on a definitive order based on criteria such as leadership, philanthropy, scientific contributions, and much more. The 2022 rankings of the World's 100 most powerful women was one such awaited Forbes list, and it featured six Indian women who have been making waves in their respective fields. Among the names that made to the list are Nirmala Sitharaman, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Falguni Nayar, and more.

Indian Women Representing Global Leaders

The Indian women noted by Forbes include Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, HCLTech Chairperson Roshni Nadar Malhotra, Securities and Exchange Board Of India (SEBI) Chairperson Madhabi Puri Buch, Biocon Executive Chairperson Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Nykaa founder Falguni Nayar, and Steel Authority Of India Chairperson Soma Mondal.

Ranked at the 36th position, Sitharaman made it to the list for the fourth time after marking her spot consistently since 2019. She was appointed as India's finance minister in May 2019, and in the same year, she was ranked as one of the world's most powerful women. Before stepping into the ministerial shoes, she was known to have handled important roles at the UK-based Agricultural Engineers Association, BBC World Service, and the National Commission for Women.

However, the minister is one of many women who have made a reappearance on the list. Malhotra, Mazumdar-Shaw, and Nayar also marked their position in the prestigious list last year at the 52nd, 72nd, and 88th spots, respectively. Mazumdar-Shaw continues to hold the 72nd spot, while Nayar moved a rank below to the 89th spot, according to the list released on December 6. About Nayar, the website stated that the 59-year-old with decades-long experience was "leading IPOs and helping other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams." In 2012, she decided to work for herself, and by 2021 she became India's richest self-made woman.

Similarly, every woman on the list has established excellence in their field through groundbreaking contributions. 41-year-old Malhotra was responsible for all strategic decisions for the $12 billion technology company that drove it to become a central player in India's rise as an IT hub. 56-year-old Buch became the SEBI's first female chair, overseeing more than $3 trillion of India's stock market ecosystem. 59-year-old Mondal became the first woman to chair the state-run Steel Authority of India (SAIL), leading the company to record financial growth ever since. Finally, the 69-year-old Mazumdar-Shaw was described as one of the wealthiest self-made women from the country who founded India's largest listed biopharmaceutical firm by revenue.

Women Setting Examples

The Forbes list included 39 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), ten heads of state, and about 11 billionaires in total, who are worth a combined $115 billion. The individuals were ranked based on four main metrics: Money, Media, Impact, and Spheres of Influence. According to the website, for political leaders, Forbes weighed gross domestic products and populations; for corporate leaders, revenues and employee were looked into; and overall media mentions and their reach was analysed. "The result is a collection of women who are fighting the status quo," noted Forbes.

Among the prominent names on the list is European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, who made it to the list for her leadership during the Ukraine war and her policies to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Forbes observed that "Von der Leyen is just one face of the biggest storyline of 2022: women acting as stalwarts for democracy". European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde and US Vice President Kamala Harris ranked second and third on the list. At rank 100 was Iran's late Jina "Mahsa" Amini, for whom the country continues to protest. According to a report by New Indian Express, her death sparked the women-led revolution for the protection of rights in the Islamic nation.

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