Safety First! Nashik Launches No Helmet, No Petrol Drive To Curb Road Accidents

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Safety First! Nashik Launches 'No Helmet, No Petrol' Drive To Curb Road Accidents

Maharashtra State Minister Chhagan Bhujbal launched a 'no helmet, no petrol' drive in Nashik on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day.

Maharashtra State Food and Civil Supplies Minister Chaggan Bhujbal launched a life-saving 'no helmet, no petrol' drive. The Minister mentioned that people should comply with safety guidelines and follow traffic rules. He mentioned that most 825 people lost their lives in 782 accidents in the district in the last five years because they were not wearing helmets. The Police Commissioner of the District Deepak Pandey said that fuel pumps must not give fuel to the riders who do not wear helmets. He added that this drive could become a model for the entire nation to follow with people's cooperation.

Install CCTVs To Catch Offenders

The Hindu quoted Minister Bhujbal, "Among the 825 people who died, 467 were two-wheelers riders, and 397 of them had not worn helmets during the time of accidents."

He also instructed the fuel pumps to install CCTVs to ensure that those who flout the rules and provide fuel to non-helmet carriers must also be fined. On the occasion of 75th Independence Day and as a measure to propagate the drive, the Minister gave 2,053 helmets to Police Personnel from the state.

Statistics Reveal Horrifying Details

In 2019, Maharashtra recorded more than thirty thousand road accidents. The report from the research cell of Maharashtra Highway Police mentioned 12,788 fatalities from the accidents, and more than 19,000 people were grievously injured.

The state of Maharashtra has been taking proactive measures to reduce the number of accidents in the state. For instance, Mumbai Traffic Police goes to several schools to spread awareness about traffic signals, rules and safety guides.

A United Nations Motorcycle Helmet Study mentions that two-wheeler sales in India are consistently rising. Therefore, the country needs stricter measures to ensure proper helmets and imposition of fines on violators.

The report mentioned that India faced six road accidents every hour. Such measures by states across the country can benefit people by making them conscious about rules and safety measures they must undertake.

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