After Speaking To PM Narendra Modi, Madhya Pradesh Man Gets Vaccinated

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After Speaking To PM Narendra Modi, Madhya Pradesh Man Gets Vaccinated

During 'Mann Ki Baat' with the Dulariya villagers in Betul district, the man, Rajesh Hirave, pointed out misconceptions about vaccines being spread on WhatsApp. Hirave also encouraged 127 other villagers to get jab.

Rajesh Hirave from Madhya Pradesh got himself and his family inoculated after a chat with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Prime Minister's monthly radio program 'Mann Ki Baat' aired a chat on June 27, with the residents of Dulariya village in MP's Betul district. There he encouraged people to get vaccinated and shed any hesitancy about vaccinations. It was his attempt to counsel the people amidst rumours.

The Chat With Villagers

Rajesh Hirave was one of those who got a chance to chat with the PM and is extremely grateful. He pointed out to the PM that misconceptions about inoculation are being spread through WhatsApp. The New Indian Express reports that Hirave said, "After talking to the prime minister on Friday, I along with my family members got the vaccine shot for prevention from the coronavirus infection on Saturday." Hirave on his own encouraged 127 people from the village, who got vaccinated as well. He is now trying to inspire other locals as well.

The prime minister also spoke to another 60-year-old village resident Kishorilal Dhurve, who got vaccinated as well. His son, Ravindra mentions in the report his father has got vaccinated and is now encouraging others to get the vaccine jab.

In order to shed their fear, the prime minister informs them that he and his nearly 100-year-old mother have taken both doses of the vaccine.

"The threat of COVID-19 remains and we have to focus on vaccination as well as follow COVID-19 protocols," the PM said, reports The New Indian Express.

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