Masks Not Recommended For Children Under 5, Says Centre

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Masks Not Recommended For Children Under 5, Says Centre

In its guidelines for the management of COVID-19 in children below 18 years, the Directorate General of Health Services has prohibited the use of Remdesivir.

In the new guidelines for COVID management among children aged below 18, the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) said that masks are not recommended for children aged 5 or below, adding that children aged between 6 and 11 may wear a mask but under the supervision of parents and doctors

The guidelines also advise against administering Remdesivir to children below the age of 18. It has stated that Tocilizumab has been approved for use as an off-label drug only in severe and critically ill COVID patients.

DGHS also prohibited the use of antimicrobials for treating the infection as they have no role in the prevention or cure of viral infections like COVID-19. The guidelines also cautioned against using steroids in asymptomatic or mild cases of COVID-19 in children. For moderately or critically ill children, steroids could be used under strict supervision. The guidelines strictly prohibit self-medication of steroids, reported LiveMint.

The guidelines also recommended a six-minute walk test for children above 12 years under the supervision of parents/guardians, reported Zee News.

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