Selfless Act! This Man Lent Spare Helmet To Student Shivering In Cold; Wins Heart Online

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Selfless Act! This Man Lent Spare Helmet To Student Shivering In Cold; Wins Heart Online

Amidst the rising number of deaths caused by accidents and the cold season taking a toll on motorists, the Helmet Man of India extended a kind act by offering a spare helmet to a student who was riding in the biting cold weather of Dehradun.

Road safety has been a growing concern in the country, with over 1,00,000 deaths reported in the year 2022 alone. With the cold weather gripping parts of North India, it became much more challenging for motorists to drive amidst the low visibility conditions. At the time, the need to use proper safety gear was emphasised even further.

Among those working day and night to ensure the safety of the motorists is a good samaritan who calls himself the "Helmet Man of India." Recently the helmet man, Raghvendra, won the hearts of several netizens with a small act of kindness he showed toward a student riding in the cold without a helmet.

A Little Warmth In The Cold

It is a common sight in the country to see people ride motorbikes and scooters without a helmet. In the year 2019, at least four people died every hour in the country because they did not wear a helmet, and in 2022 the number of deaths due to head injuries caused by road accidents continued to rise. In North India, the situation has become a lot more challenging as the helmet protects from not only injuries but also the biting cold. Narrating a similar incident that he had recently encountered, Raghvendra took to Twitter to convey the importance of a helmet.

Raghvendra's Twitter post spoke of how he had come across a student who was riding a scooter with no helmet on. He saw the student repeatedly covering his ears with his hands due to the cold wind. At the time of the incident, the Indian Meteorological Department's (IMD) forecasts for Dehradun had marked the maximum to minimum temperatures between 21 to 5° Celsius with the chances of mist. After it became difficult to keep covering up and riding, the student parked his scooter on the way and waited till he stopped shivering in the cold.

Having noticed the student's situation, Raghvendra took his old spare helmet and offered it to the student. The student wanted to express his gratitude, and Raghvendra hugged him and sent him off safely with the helmet he carried around as a spare.

A Helmet A Day Saves Many

Raghvendra is known for his work toward raising awareness of the importance of road safety and wearing a helmet. Over the years, officials and netizens have equally poured in praises for the Helmet Man's efforts and have joined hands to take his message to larger crowds. The recent tweet by Raghvendra also garnered over 10,000 views and hundreds of reactions.

A user named Akhilesh Kumar wrote, "No amount of praise for the work you're doing would be enough. Salute to your work and your dedication." Yet another user commented, "In India, very few people are like Helmetman exist who always care for the people. He has saved a lot of people from road accidents by providing free helmets." Since being posted, the tweet has been covered by multiple media houses, and praises continue to pour in for his selfless act.

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