Maharashtra Woman Clears Class 10 Exams After 37 Years Of Quitting Education, Son Pens Heartwarming Note

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Maharashtra Woman Clears Class 10 Exams After 37 Years Of Quitting Education, Son Pens Heartwarming Note

Prasad Jambhale's mother is 55 years old and has cleared SSC with a whopping 79.60% after enrolling into night school. She quit education at the age of 16 years after her father's demise and followed a financial crisis.

If somebody has a passion and perseverance to do something, they can find a method for accomplishing it; such is an example of a woman from Maharashtra. After thirty-seven years of quitting school due to financial constraints in her family, the woman has cleared her Class 10 exams.

Sharing the heartwarming and inspiring story, Prasad Jambhale, a senior software engineer at Mastercard, penned a note for her mother saying he is very proud of her achievement.

Jambhale's mother quit her study at the age of 16 years, after her father's demise. The family faced a financial crisis, and to ensure the continued education of her siblings, she had to give up on her schooling and begin working.

Came Across Government Scheme

Some time back, in 2021, Jambhale's mother came across a new government scheme through which people who have not completed their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) can reappear. Under the project, the government bears all the expenses, including the cost of offline/ online training and study materials.

She rejoined the school last December 2021 and kept it a secret from everyone. She used to attend night school and managed to keep this a secret from her husband and children for a month, excusing that she goes for walks.

Jambhale wrote, "As I stay in Ireland, I came to know about it just recently when I was about to get married before her exams. Whenever I was in Ireland and used to call during Indian night-time, I used to ask where's mom? And I was told that she has gone for a walk, I thought that's odd that she got interested into walks."

Confessed To Her Son

Jambhale stays in Ireland; one fine day when he was in India, his mother confessed to him about resuming her education. This came as a surprise to the elder son, who was amazed to see her notebook and brilliant performance in his mother's batch.

The mother also showed him photos of her group of people who left education and how they are celebrated for their decision to resume.

He wrote, "Even after so many years she was able to grasp different learning, and not just that, but was a brilliant student in her batch. And to tell you, her exams were in March and my marriage was in February she managed to do all the multitasking needed."

Scored 79.60% In Exams

The exam results were recently declared, and Jambhale's mother not just secured passing marks but achieved a whopping 79.60 per cent. To her achievement, the son said that he is very proud of his mother, and her achievement would always imprint a lesson on his mind of never stopping learning, even if it had to take an age of 55 to pass class 10.

He wrote, "Sometimes I feel I am so fortunate that I had no worries about anything and was able to get to the position, just because of the privilege I have. Who knows what my mother could have achieved more? If she had the same privilege as me."

The post has garnered over 1 lakh reactions on LinkedIn, to which Jambhale has thanked everyone for the overwhelming response. On behalf of his mother, he said that his mother is grateful and is unable to believe that her story is making an impact. She expressed gratitude and encouraged everyone to go forward.

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