Patients Die Due To Lack Of Oxygen At Madhya Pradesh Hospital

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Patients Die Due To Lack Of Oxygen At Madhya Pradesh Hospital

Patients were admitted to Shahdol Medical College in Madhya Pradesh. The family allege that deaths occurred due to lack of oxygen, while the district administration denies the claim.

Six corona infected patients admitted to the ICU died allegedly due to lack of oxygen, but the district administration has denied the same. The incident, though, has sent shock waves across the country. The rising deaths due to COVID itself has seen many tragic stories unfold; now, the deaths allegedly due to low pressure of oxygen in the ICU has further shocked the people.

Amit Jaiswal, a relative of the deceased, said, "My nephew died because the oxygen ran out. My nephew was admitted for a week. His oxygen was exhausted at 4 in the morning". According to reports, the accident was due to the inaccessibility of the liquid oxygen cylinders coming to the Oxygen plant of the medical college. The vehicle carrying liquid oxygen supposedly met with an accident near Damoh district, due to which the cylinders could not reach on time.

Administration Denies, Hospital Admits Shortage

Dr. Milind Shiralkar, Dean of the Medical College, told the media that the patients died due to low pressure. In his statement, he said, "In view of the need of oxygen, liquid oxygen cylinders were called for the plant. It was supposed to come in the evening first then in the night but again got delayed due to reasons. Due to this delay, pressure of oxygen was reduced resulting in death of critical patients" reported Goan Connection. The District Collector however informed that Oxygen supply is adequate and no deaths were caused due to shortage of oxygen. Opposition leaders have sought accountability from the government over the deaths due to lack of oxygen.

A number of steps are taken by the central government, prominent among them, the "oxygen express", setting up 59 Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) plants by the end of April, stopping the supply of oxygen for industrial purposes (barring a few). On the contrary, union minister Goyal also opined that the demand of oxygen to be controlled and kept low.

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