Karnataka: Unable To Meet Medical Expenses, Family Kills Two-Year-Old Specially-Abled Girl Child

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Karnataka: Unable To Meet Medical Expenses, Family Kills Two-Year-Old Specially-Abled Girl Child

The girl had no life in her limbs and couldn’t speak. Her medical expenses stood at around ₹10,000 per month.

A two-year-old specially-abled girl died after being pushed into a well by her grandmother and great grandmother as her parents couldn't pay for her treatment.

The incident happened in Kanakapura near Bengaluru, Karnataka. The police said that the girl had no life in her limbs and couldn't speak.

The accused are identified as B Shankar and K Manasa, the parents of the girl, her grandmother Jayaratnamma (50), and great grandmother J Bhadramma (75). All the accused have been detained.

Parents of the S Mahadevi, the victim, work at a chemical factory in the Harohalli industrial area, and her grandmother and great grandmother are homemakers, reported The Indian Express.

The couple told police that they couldn't afford the medical expenses of their girl child, which came around ₹10,000 per month. After doctors said that the two-year-old would remain disabled for the rest of her life, the couple was worried about their child's future and decided to kill her.

The police said that her grandparents were also fearful of her future, and the parents decided to take this step. An officer said, "Jayaratnamma and Bhadramma agreed to their plan and took the child to farmland in a village 6 km away on the morning of March 8 while the couple was out at work. Once there, they sneaked up to a well and threw the child in it. The couple, who knew about the plan, left early for the factory that day."

The next morning, some villagers spotted a body floating in the well and informed the police. A police team arrived at the spot and found that the body which the villagers identified was of the specially-abled girl child.

When the police team arrived at Shankara's house and questioned the couple, they claimed someone kidnapped their child and murdered her. However, the claim was busted by the police. A local temple priest informed the police that he saw Jayaratnamma and Bhadramma carrying the child somewhere on March 8 and later spotted them returning empty-handed.

The parents finally confessed to the plan of killing their child after being questioned repeatedly, the police said.

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