Karnataka Doctor Refuses To Mask Up In Supermarket, Booked

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Karnataka Doctor Refuses To Mask Up In Supermarket, Booked

The doctor argued that since he already recovered from the virus and hence was not a threat to anyone and called the compulsory mask rule "foolish".

On Wednesday, May 19, the Mangaluru City Police filed a case against a doctor under the Epidemic Act 2020. He had refused to wear a mask inside a supermarket, reported India Today.

A video of the incident, which took place at Jimmy's Supermarket in Kadri on May 18, has gone viral. In it, the doctor, who has been identified as Srinivas Kakkalaya can be seen dismissing a request from a customer wearing a mask. He then starts placing his items on the billing counter when the store owner also requests him to put on his mask.

To prove his point, the doctor argues that he had recovered from COVID-19 and is therefore not putting anyone at risk. He also goes on to call the rule 'foolish'. The entire incident was captured on the CCTV of the supermarket.

"Despite repeated requests, the doctor refused to wear the mask and even questioned the government guidelines. In the pretext of that, the shopkeeper came to register a complaint at Mangalore East police station. We have taken up the case and are looking into it," the police said.

The owner lodged a complaint against the doctor seeking action against him. Meanwhile, the Indian Medical Association, Mangaluru branch, strongly condemned Dr Kakkilaya's actions, reported The New Indian Express.

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