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'Farmers Who Are Weak, Kill Selves', Says Karnataka Agriculture Minister, Sparks Controversy

Karnataka Agriculture Minister BC Patil said that the farmers decide to die by suicide, at times, when their mind becomes weak.

Karnataka Agriculture Minister BC Patil has again stirred a massive controversy after he said that farmers who kill themselves by suicide do so because they are weak and the centre cannot be blamed for their deaths.

Addressing the media in Mysuru, BC Patil said that farmers decide to die by suicide because their mind is weak, India Today reported.

"The policies of the government are not the cause of their extreme decisions. Not only farmers but even industrialists die by suicide. All suicides cannot be described as farmers' suicide," Patil said.

Earlier on December 3, Patil had said that farmers who end their lives without thinking about the future of their dependents are cowards.

"Farmers who commit suicide are cowards. Only a coward who can't take care of his wife and children commits suicide. When we have fallen in the water, we have to swim and win," BC Patil had said.

Patil said, "We chalk out and implement so many policies, schemes and programmes for the welfare of farmers. Our wish is that nobody, no farmer, commits suicide. The suicide of farmers will not stop by just visiting the house of the deceased farmer, garland his body and condole his death. We have to chalk out plans for the welfare of farmers. The free capacity-building programmes to inculcate entrepreneurship and technical skills in food processing among aspiring and existing entrepreneurs by Mysuru-based CSIR-Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) is one such initiative."

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