Jharkhand Techie Invents Fuel-Less Hydraulic Bike That Can Clock 82 Kmph
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Jharkhand Techie Invents Fuel-Less Hydraulic Bike That Can Clock 82 Kmph

Santosh Kumar Gupta, a Jharkhand techie, has designed a Hydraulic bike that does not require any fossil fuel nor any kind of charging as in the case of electric bikes.

A Jharkhand techie has designed and patented a two-wheeler that runs on a Hydraulic system and can go as high as 82 kmph.

Santosh Kumar Gupta from Hazaribagh district has achieved success in developing a 'mutated bike' that neither requires any pollution emitting fossil fuel nor does one need to charge a battery as in the case of electric vehicles.

"I worked on two major inventions. One of them was a mutated bike. It is a hybrid that aims at reducing the efforts of a rider and also maintain the speed, without causing fatigue. One has to pedal but it is equipped with a hydraulic drive instead of the chain mechanism. I don't think it has been used in any cycle as of now," Santosh told
Humans of Jharkhand.

A hydraulic system is a drive technology where a fluid is used to transfer the energy from an electric motor to an actuator, such as a hydraulic cylinder. Simply put, force applied at one point is transmitted to another point using an incompressible fluid.

The chain of the conventional bicycle has been replaced with a hydraulic coil. This bicycle has three gears, which allow the rider to touch high speeds without pedalling much," Santosh said.

In a normal bike, a rider pedals to rotate the chaining. The chain attached to the chainring then transfers the manual energy to the rear chainring, which then rotates the wheel. In a hydraulic bike, the manual power is directly transferred to the rear axle by means of the hydraulic drive or cylinder.

The bike a sophisticated version of the humble bicycle that is designed for youngsters and professionals who want a swift, efficient, and eco-friendly ride. Gupta claims that the bike can speed up to 82 km/hr. The bike comes with a price tag of ₹35,000.

After graduation in July 2011, Santosh decided to work on this project against taking up a job. It was his dream since his days as a student of DAV public school, Hazaribagh, to develop a bike without an engine and zero fuel consumption. Now, after a decade, he is finally reaping the fruits of his sheer determination to invent something that is not beneficial only for humans but to the whole of mankind.

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