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James Bond Of India: A Look Back At NSA Ajit Doval's Successful Missions On His 77th Birthday

Ajit Doval is the fifth and current National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister of India. He has been serving the nation for the last 40 years in different designations with his incredible contributions to several national defence missions.

Ajit Doval often referred to as the James Bond of India, is the fifth and current NSA (National Security Advisor) to the Prime Minister of India. Doval has been serving the nation for the last 40 years in different designations with his incredible contributions to several national defence missions.

Doval was born in Ghiri Banelsyun village in Uttarakhand's Pauri Garhwal district on January 20, 1945. His father, Major G. N. Doval, served as an officer in the Indian Army, which led to Doval's elementary education from Ajmer Military School in Rajasthan. Later he graduated with a master's degree in Economics from Agra University.

The top-level officer has a life and a career of no less than a Hindi action film. In 1968, he joined the Indian Police Services from Kerala cadre and, after four years, in 1972 joined the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and retired as a Director of IB in 2005.

He headed IB's operations wing for over a decade and had incredible contributions to several national defence missions during his career. As Doval turns 77 today, here's a look at his three substantial operations, which earned him the title of country's James Bond.

1999 Hijack Of Indian Airlines IC 814

In 1999, an Indian Airlines Airbus A300 en route from Kathmandu, Nepal, to Delhi, India, was hijacked by five masked terrorists and was forced to land in Afghanistan's Kandahar. During that time, the Indian government sent a team of negotiators, one of them was Doval, who was then serving as Home Ministry official. He played a crucial role in the crisis and persuaded the hijackers to release the passengers in exchange for three terrorists who were imprisoned in India.

However, Doval described the incident as a "diplomatic failure" of the Indian government in their inability to make the US and the UAE use their influence to help secure a quick release of the passengers. Doval also claimed that India could have resolved the crisis if the hijackers did not have Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan intelligence agency's support.

1988 Operation Black Thunder

In the late 1980s, two operations were carried out in India to mutilate pro-Khalistan Sikh militants from the Golden Temple in Amritsar of Punjab, majorly influenced by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. During that time, Doval disguised as a rickshaw puller and was noticed by Khalistani militants. Within ten days, he convinced the militants that he was an ISI operative sent by his Pakistani authority to help the Khalistani cause.

Two days before the operation, Doval managed to enter the Golden temple and gather crucial information for the Indian Security Forces. He informed the forces about the positions and strength of the militants inside the shrine. With the help of Ajit Doval, the troops had no difficulty in flushing the Khalistanis from the temple and making it a successful operation.

7 Years In Pakistan For RAW

Doval joined the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), an Indian intelligence agency, in 1972 and led a life that we usually watch in spy-based films. He took his career as a field officer seriously and worked as an undercover agent in Pakistan for seven years.

He disguised as a Pakistani Muslim, mastered the Urdu language, and now holds expertise in Pakistani history, culture, and politics. It helped him shield his real identity in the neighbouring nation, providing crucial information in the midst of the enemy and undertaking several missions at considerable risk to his life.

On Ajit Doval's 77th Birthday, netizens salute the brave heart and his life as the patriot he spent in oblivion for the nation's sake.

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