India Overtakes USA In Total Number Of Vaccines Administered, Says Centre

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India Overtakes USA In Total Number Of Vaccines Administered, Says Centre

So far, the US has administered 32, 33, 27,328 doses, while India has administered 32,36,63,297 doses.

In a significant milestone, the Union Health Ministry on Monday, June 28, said that India has overtaken the United States of America in the total number of COVID vaccine doses administered so far.

Till 8 am on June 28, the US administered 32, 33, 27,328 does, while India administered 32,36,63,297 doses, reported Economic Times. While the vaccination drive in the US started On December 8, 2020, the drive in India started on January 16 this year. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France, have administered 7,67,74,990, 7,14,37,514, 4,96,50,721 and 5,24,57,288 doses, respectively.

45% Of Adults In US Vaccinated

While 46.5 per cent of adults in the US have been fully vaccinated, India has vaccinated only 4 per cent of its population so far. Last week, the Biden administration said that it likely won't hit President Joe Biden's goal of getting 70 per cent of American adults to receive one vaccine shot or more by July 4. White House COVID coordinator Jeff Zients said the administration has met its 70 per cent target for people 30 and older and is on track to hit it for those 27 and older by July 4. Zients said many younger Americans have been less eager to get the jab.

India's Vaccine Coverage

India's cumulative vaccination coverage exceeded 32.36 crores on Sunday, June 27. The health ministry said 17,21,268 vaccine doses were administered in the last 24 hours. In the 18-44 age group, 8,46,51,696 people have taken the first dose, while 19,01,190 have received the second dose. In the 45-59 age group, 8,71,11,445 people got the first dose, while 1,48,12,349 have taken the second dose. Besides, 6,75,29,713 people aged above 60 years have got the first dose, while, 2,34,08,944 have received the second dose.

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