Hyderabad Police Stop 2 Ambulances To Give Passage To VIP Convoy, Criticised

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Hyderabad Police Stop 2 Ambulances To Give Passage To VIP Convoy, Criticised

In a press release, the police said that the traffic was cleared immediately when the healthcare staff alerted police. Out of the two ambulances, only one was carrying a patient, said police.

In an incident of serious apathy, as many as two ambulances were stopped at a traffic signal in order to give passage to VIP convoy in Hyderabad on Sunday, July 25. Visuals of the incident went viral on social media evoking angry reactions and criticism for the city's traffic police.

Long Queues Of Vehicles

According to the visuals, long queues of vehicles can be seen waiting at the Masab Tank area in Hyderabad, including two ambulances. The vehicle's sirens can be heard in the videos.

Moreover, two healthcare workers are seen approaching the on-duty traffic cop, requesting him to clear the way so that the ambulances can go. In turn, the policeman is asking the healthcare workers to wait for some more time.

In another video, a man is heard asking the policeman why the traffic is halted when ambulances are stuck. Replying to his query, the policeman said that he does not for whom the traffic is stopped but certainly it is not the minister's convoy. Then the man replies, despite not knowing for whose convoy the traffic is stopped, he has stopped the ambulances.

Going To Virinchi Hospital

According to the NDTV report, the ambulances were going to Virinchi hospital from Mahaveer hospital. Locals alleged that ambulances were stopped to give passage to Telangana's Home Minister Mahmood Ali. When asked, the on-duty traffic policeman denied any knowledge of the matter.

According to a press release, the Hyderabad police said that the traffic was cleared as soon as the health staff alerted the police. They further said that out of the two ambulances, only one ambulance was transporting a patient to the hospital.

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