Humanity Wins! Muslim Man Comes To Hindu Ex-Colleagues Rescue By Offering His Kidney

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Humanity Wins! Muslim Man Comes To Hindu Ex-Colleague's Rescue By Offering His Kidney

Haslu Mohammad and Achintya Biswas have been friends for six years and hail from West Bengal's North Dinajpur. Both of them used to work for a small finance company as colleagues.

In a heartwarming example of brotherhood, a Muslim man named Haslu Mohammad came to the rescue of his Hindu ex-colleague by offering his kidney. Named Achintya Biswa, he and Mohammad have been friends for over six years, and they worked together in a small finance company situated in West Bengal's North Dinajpur.

When Haslu Mohammad learnt about Biswas' health condition, he immediately volunteered to donate his kidney for the cause. "When I heard Achintya needed an immediate transplant, I decided to donate one of my kidneys. I will not die by doing that, but Achintya will get a new life," he told The New Indian Express. Further, he added that human life is more precious than religion.

'Different Religion, Same Blood Group'

Currently, Achintya Biswas is admitted to a private hospital where he is scheduled for dialysis. Haslu Mohammad came forward to make the kidney donation, and, for that, he applied to the state health department to seek approval. Then, it was transferred to the local police, who investigated if his motives were dubious. Donating an organ in return for money is an illegal activity that can result in imprisonment.

The investigation further proved that Mohammad's deeds were, indeed, noble. A local police officer told the news publication that a report is on its way to the state health department, giving him the green light to go ahead with the donation. One and all acknowledged his act of kindness, including Biswas himself. He said, "Haslu decided to make a big sacrifice only to save my life. My family and I will always be grateful to him. Had he not come forward, my family would have been ruined after my death," said Achintya Biswas.

Haslu's wife, Manoara, was beaming with pride because of her husband's actions. Speaking to the publication, she stated that he did what a human being is supposed to do for a friend, irrespective of which community we belong to.

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