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Haryana Man From Slums Crowdfunds Money To Scale Europe's Highest Peak

Along with mountaineer Hukamchand, 52-year-old Jyoti Ratre, from Madhya Pradesh, scaled Mount Elbrus and became the oldest woman to achieve the feat.

A mountaineer, who lives in the slums of Ellenabad in Haryana's Sirsa district, has achieved the feat of scaling Russia's highest peak Mount Elbrus on Thursday, July 8.

Hukamchand alias Chand Mahi hoisted the tricolor on the peak of the mountain. Donations from various local organisations were collected to send the mountaineer on the journey, reported the Times Of India.

Earlier Scaled Six Peaks

Hukamchand has earlier climbed six peaks ranging from 15,500 feet to 18,000 feet in Himachal Pradesh. Various social and religious organisations had pooled resources for his campaigns.

Media reports state that since he was short of money, various NGOs and other organisations poured in money to support him to buy plane tickets to Russia and the course fees. Mountaineers have to buy snow boots and down feather jackets. For Hukamchand, the jackets were provided by various social organisations.

These stakeholders celebrated Hukamchand's success back at home.

Left For Russia On April 1

Hukamchand left for Russia from Ellenabad on April 1 after gather funds for buying air tickets. He started this campaign on July 3 to scale Europe's highest peak of 18,500 feet, which is known as Mount Elbrus. After he embarked on his journey, he reached the top of the peak on Thursday.

Oldest Woman To Scale Mount Elbrus

Madhya Pradesh's Jyoti Ratre (52) has become the oldest individual to scale Mount Elbrus on July 8.

She started her journey on July 2 and was accompanied by four other mountaineers from Bhopal. Ratre said that the journey was difficult and several times the temperature dipped, reported Free Press Journal.

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