Govt Launches YUVA Scheme To Mentor Young Writers, Offers Stipend Of  Rs 50,000

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Govt Launches YUVA Scheme To Mentor Young Writers, Offers Stipend Of Rs 50,000

The programme aims at expanding the discourse on Indian culture and literature internationally.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a recent tweet on June 8 announced that a pan-Indian mentorship programme called the 'Young, Upcoming and Versatile Authors' (YUVA) scheme has been initiated to train 75 aspiring writers under the age of 30 years.

The Prime Minister in his announcement tweet shared the details of the scheme adding the link to the official webpage for the programme, stating "Here is an interesting opportunity for youngsters to harness their writing skills and also contribute to India's intellectual discourse,"

The 'YUVA: Prime Minister's Scheme For Mentoring Young Authors' undertaking 75 young writers is meant to celebrate India's completion of 75 years of Independence in August this year. The programme aims at enriching the intellectual discourse on Indian literature and culture globally. During the course of the programme, a fixed stipend of ₹50,000 will be allocated to each trainee writer for all six months of the mentorship.

The scheme will provide a constructive platform to hone the writing skills of the aspirants and train them in the skill of expression using the pen. The programme envisions to enable these aspirants to become proficient in the writ world, giving them a positive psychological push amid a mentally challenging global pandemic.

The mentorship programme is strategised in two phases of 'Training' and 'Promotion' respectively. These phases are designed to be executed by the National Book Trust (NBT) of India, under well-defined stages. The NBT is employed to act as the Implementing Agency for the PM's scheme.

The selection procedure for the programme will be done through an All India Contest held at MyGov.

This contest has already begun on June 4 and is set to run till July 31.

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