Kerala Prepares For Future Uncertainties, To Provide Free Disaster Resilience Training

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Kerala Prepares For Future Uncertainties, To Provide Free Disaster Resilience Training

Kerala State Disaster Management Authority, Kerala Insititute of Local Administration and Susetra Foundation will impart online training for disaster management.

A non-profit organisation named Susetra Foundation has joined hands with Kerala State Disaster Management Authority(KSDMA) and Kerala Institute of Local Administration(KILA) to organise a free 'Disaster Resilience Training Programme' for youngsters. A virtual training session of 15 hours, beginning June 25, is on the schedule for 10 days. The youngsters will be trained under the Disaster Management Authority's expertise and the local government authorities on how disaster response strategies can be implemented effectively.

Sanju Suman, Director of Susetra Foundation, said in an interview with the Times of India that the online training programme would benefit young volunteers who wish to work in disaster resilience activities. He added that the training would help build resilience among the vulnerable communities and help them cope and adapt to natural disasters. He further added, "Disasters have an impending part of our lives. We believe that building resilience capacities among vulnerable communities is what we can do as strengthening measure as its humanly possible to predict or stop a natural disaster from occurring".

50 Volunteers To Be Trained

The training would include 50 volunteers from disaster-prone areas with a background in climate action or active volunteer work. Members of the Emergency Response Team would be preferred. The training sessions would involve technical and leadership building lessons. The syllabus would cover topics like disaster preparedness and management in Kerala, lectures on public health crisis and steps to be followed during one, strengthening institutional resilience.

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