Chinas Efforts For Civilised Internet For Reshaping Online Behaviour

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China's Efforts For 'Civilised Internet' For Reshaping Online Behaviour

China's Cyber-space regulator said that efforts towards building a 'civilised internet' are to keep in check behaviour online and disseminate new party theories and socialist values.

China is all set to boost its efforts of building a 'civilized internet' while eyeing to reshape online behaviour. The country's cyber-space regulator said that the platform would also disseminate theory regarding newer parties and socialist values. Zhuang Rongwen, Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), said that since China had more than 1 billion netizens, such efforts were crucial to building a 'modern socialist country'. The Chinese digital media is the largest community in the world.

Update Was Posted On WeChat

Reuters quoted the Study Times newspaper published by the Central Party School, which also trains rising officials in the Communist Party of China. The update was posted on its official account on WeChat. The Cyber-space regulator further added that the Party should take advantage of the internet's ability to facilitate communication and use it as a medium to let the innovative theories from the Parties' end into the homes of ordinary people.

Emphasized On The Importance Of Good Role Models

Young cyber-space users should be pushed to adopt good cyber-space habits rather than behaviour involving cyber-bullying, Rongwen said, while adding that internet firms should improve their self-discipline. He emphasized the importance of publicizing good role models on the internet. Chinese regulators have been trying to strengthen the rules and regulations for their cyber-space users and society. The government is undertaking such efforts after years of runaway growth and rapid change. Moreover, the Xi-Jinping led government has carried out several crackdowns against technology and other sectors.

The State Council also published the guidelines for building a civilized internet mentioning that online mediums should promote education to the masses about the ruling Party and its achievements. Therefore, internet platforms would further be required to improve their self-discipline and governance, and the public would be encouraged to participate in the supervision.

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