Taking Matters Into Own Hands: Bangalore Couple Fills Pothole That Almost Took Their Lives

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Taking Matters Into Own Hands: Bangalore Couple Fills Pothole That Almost Took Their Lives

Resolving the long-existing pothole menace in their locality, a couple from Malleshwaram filled a pothole with soil and available tools. The video is now going viral and has received comments and retweets from frustrated netizens.

Bangalore's crumbling infrastructure has once again been brought into debate by aggravated netizens, after a video was posted by a Twitter user with the handle SpeakUpBengalur. The video showcases a couple filling a pothole on a Bengaluru road after apparently escaping a near-death experience.

The video has received thousands of retweets and is being widely circulated by netizens who have time and again tried bringing the authorities' attention towards the pothole problem. With a caption stating that this is the condition of the #NammaBengaluru roads, many have come up with criticisms directed toward the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) officials for inaction.

'Tired Of Waiting For Change'

According to the caption under the video post, the user says, "Today morning Nagamani's husband escaped a near death because of the pothole. Both husband wife came to pothole & filled with soil for least, so that nobody gets injured or die. This is state of #NammaBengaluru roads, at least now wake up."

With their scooter parked on the side, the husband and wife were seen carrying a sack full of dirt to fill in the pothole and level it up with available tools. While they were going about filling the pothole, the traffic kept moving around them regardless.

The incident reportedly took place at the 18th cross in Malleshwaram. It evoked frustration among netizens who lashed out and tagged the BBMP Commissioner and Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai. While appreciating the couple's act, they demanded that the officials look into such incidents and take up responsibility for their dereliction of duties.

A user by the name of Murthy retweeted the video saying, "Respect for the couple who have acted on the issue. People are now themselves solving pothole issues, we don't need government."

Talking about the government's inability to provide basic infrastructure, another user tweeted, "I'm ready to pay my Income tax to this lady than Nirmala Sitharaman."

Not The First Time

The questionable condition of Bangalore roads has often been highlighted by the citizens who have taken up creative means to convey their concerns to the responsible authorities.

Earlier this year, a netizen land-marked a pothole in Bellandur under the name 'Abizer's pothole' and started receiving hilarious reviews from the residents. Talking about their experience with the pothole-filled roads of Bangalore, many netizens have repeatedly tried bringing the road authorities' attention towards it. Several social ventures, such as PotholeRaja, spoke of the need for collaborative citizen intervention and looked into finding cost-effective and sustainable solutions for the potholes in Bangalore roads.

Few others took up the issue legally and approached the higher courts to find a solution for the public concern. Based upon the many complaints and petitions received, the Karnataka High Court directed the BBMP to fill up over 200 potholes within a span of 10 days. However, the pothole menace continues to haunt many in the city.

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