Live In Relationships Part And Parcel Of Life, To Be Viewed From Personal Autonomy Lens: Allahabad HC

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Live In Relationships 'Part And Parcel Of Life', To Be Viewed From Personal Autonomy Lens: Allahabad HC

The court made these observations during the hearing of a plea made by an interfaith live-in couple, stating that the local police are obliged to protect their rights and privacy of the petitioners involved.

The Allahabad High Court stated recently that live-in relationships are nothing but 'part and parcel of life', therefore they should be looked at from a lens of personal autonomy. These observations were made while hearing a plea made by an interfaith live-in couple in the state, as they were being constantly harassed by the woman's family members that posed a great danger on their life and liberty. Further, the judges also added that the police authorities are obligated to perform their duty and protect the couple's rights during an unforeseen incident.

About The Plea

As reported by Bar and Bench, the plea was made by an interfaith couple, Shayara Khatun and her partner, who were in a live-in relationship for over two years. Since they both belonged to different religions, it was meant to cause a rift in their families. Khatun's father often interfered in their life, troubling and harassing them on a daily basis. When they approached the local police, they were not of any help.

In court, a Division Bench consisting of Justices Pritinker Diwaker and Ashutosh Srivastava heard the plea and made their observations. "Live in relationships have become part and parcel of live and stand approved by Honourable Apex Court. The live in relationship is required to be viewed from the lens of personal autonomy arising out of the right to life guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India, rather than, notions of social morality," the judges observed.

Further, they also asked the police authorities concerned to protect the couple's rights as their life and liberty are under danger. The judges said, "In the event, the petitioners approach the police authorities complaining of any threat to their life and liberty, we hope and trust that they shall perform their duties as expected from them under law."

Legality Of Live-In Relationships In India

Although extremely common in several cities across the country, couples in a live-in relationship still face the society's patriarchal wrath. Two unmarried people living together is often looked down upon because it is not 'synonymous' with Indian culture. However, several judgments passed the Indian courts have stated that live-in relationships are complete legitimate, upholding the right to life and privacy under Article 21 of the Constitution.

Therefore, the recent observations made by the Allahabad High Court are a step towards the right direction. Every Indian has the fundamental right to live their life the way they want to, and with whoever they want, with or without the 'married' tag.

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