Ahmedabad Vaccinates 11,000 Super-Spreaders Under Special Drive

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Ahmedabad Vaccinates 11,000 'Super-Spreaders' Under Special Drive

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation recently started a special vaccination drive for 'super-spreaders', like vegetable vendors, grocers, petrol pump staff, barbers, courier and food delivery agents.

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation recently commenced a special vaccination drive. More than 11,000 people were categorized as 'super-spreaders' and vaccinated, the city's local civic body said on Tuesday, June 29.

Who Are The Super-Spreaders?

Those who are likely to transmit the infectious disease to a large number of people due to the nature of their job are called 'super-spreaders'. Vegetable vendors, petrol pump staff, barbers, grocers, and courier and food delivery agents can be classified under 'super-spreaders'.

According to Ahmedabad city's civic body, a total of 11,013 people who can be called 'super-spreaders' have been inoculated as part of the special vaccination drive.

The Reason Behind The Special Drive

A separate vaccination centre has been arranged in the city's seven civic zones to vaccinate the 'super-spreaders' so that they pose little danger of spreading the disease to other people, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation said. They decided to run this special vaccination drive because they come in contact with many people due to their job. Therefore, inoculating them would make the vaccination drive more effective.

On Monday, June 28, 923 people were vaccinated under the special drive, out of which 582 were in the age group of 18 to 44 years, and 341 people in the 45 and above category, as reported by The Hindu.

This model of vaccinating superspreaders was adopted in the state's Bansakantha district earlier this month. Nearly 40,000 superspreaders were vaccinated in this manner across Banaskantha as per Chief District Health Officer S M Dev.

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