139 Million Women, Girls In India Use Modern Contraception Methods: Report
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139 Million Women, Girls In India Use 'Modern Contraception Methods': Report

In India, around 54.5 million unintended pregancies were prevented, and 1.8 million unsafe abortions and 23,000 maternal deaths averted in the last year alone, as a result of contraceptive use in India.

Over 139 million women and girls in India use 'modern contraception methods', according to a report published by Family Planning 2020, a global partnership that supports the reproductive rights of women and girls.

The report details the progress achieved in family planning over the past eight-year, The Times of India reported.

The FP2020 report points out that modern contraceptive users have doubled since 2012 in around 13 low-income countries due to which over 121 million unintended pregnancies, 1,25,000 maternal deaths, 21 million unsafe abortions, were prevented in the last year alone.

In India, around 54.5 million unintended pregnancies were prevented, and 1.8 million unsafe abortions and 23,000 maternal deaths averted in the last year as a result of contraceptives.

In 2017, India updated its FP2020 commitment with two very specific, data-driven pledges: to invest $3 billion of domestic resources in family planning by 2020 and to increase the country's modern contraceptive prevalence for married women from 53.1 per cent to 54.3 per cent by 2020. Both of those commitments have been fulfilled.

The report also suggests that India continues to be the country with one of the highest levels of domestic government expenditure, indicating the government's commitment to its family planning programmes.

"This year's data includes estimates for 54 countries amounting to nearly $1.6 billion in spending. Most of that figure is attributable to just five countries: India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and the Philippines," the report added.

Summing up India's achievements, health minister Harsh Vardhan lauded the FP's partnership in helping the country fulfil its objectives in family planning.

He said, "Improving the quality of contraceptives, augmenting contraceptive demand through comprehensive IEC campaigns, and focussed interventions in high fertility districts through Mission Parivar Vikas, have been few of the country's notable acheivements."

He added that as a result of this, India has witnessed a decline in fertility and maternal mortality in the last few years. "We continue to strive to substantially reduce the unmet need for contraception by 2030," he added.

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