First In Race For Inoculation! Himachal Pradesh Administers Vaccine To 100% Of Its Population

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First In Race For Inoculation! Himachal Pradesh Administers Vaccine To 100% Of Its Population

Himachal Pradesh Minister said that the state becomes the first in the country to inoculate 100 per cent of the population with the first dose.

Himachal Pradesh Health Minister Rajiv Saizal said that the state became the first state to administer the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine to 100 per cent of its population. The health department is now looking forward to inoculating the entire population with the second dose by the end of November this year. The state would organise a virtual event shortly in which the Prime Minister would speak to the beneficiaries and the health workers.

Hindustan Times quoted the health minister saying, "Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated the efforts of the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh for COVID-19 management and also in the field of vaccination, the state has been doing well right from the beginning."

As per the 2011 census, the population of 18 plus in the state is 47,00,681 and the latest estimates by the government mention that the population in the same age group is 5,37,70,820 now, but 54,43,113 people have been administered the first dose.

Only 123 New Cases Of COVID-19 In Himachal Pradesh

The minister said that those left out of the drive for specific reasons would soon be vaccinated. The state reported only 123 new cases of the virus and one death due to COVID-19. On a positive note, the state has just 1,750 positive cases.

Himachal Pradesh was previously acknowledged for its innovative vaccination drive ideas. The 18-44 age group was vaccinated on three days of the week, whereas people from the age group of 45 plus years were inoculated on the remaining three days.

On a national level, 51.45 per cent of the population has been inoculated with the first dose at least, and 15.34 per cent of the eligible population has been fully vaccinated. Till Sunday, India had administered 63,09,17,927 vaccine doses, out of which 48,60,28,702 were the first doses and 14,48,89,225 were the second doses.

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