15 Mobile Game App Ideas For 2021

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15 Mobile Game App Ideas For 2021

The mobile phone industry has reached over 4.8 billion users in 2021 and has become one of the fastest-growing and profitable industries in the world.

Mobile gaming is now one of the most fastest-growing and profitable industries in the world. This rise is primarily due to the increase in the mobile phone industry, which has reached over 4.8 billion users in 2021.

If you are looking to venture into mobile gaming, then 2021 is the best time for you.

How to Find the Best Gaming App?

You will indeed encounter challenges in coming up with the best gaming app ideas. But, you can counter that by researching and assessing past and current trends in the mobile gaming industry.

For instance, games like casino, trivia, word, and card are among the highest-rated games with a percentage of 43%. Also, you can open a casino by partnering with platforms like Ask Gamblers.

Below are some mobile game app ideas to give a try in 2021.

Casino Mobile Game App Ideas

You can never go wrong with a casino game idea. Most people enjoy gambling, including the mystery and thrill that come with it.

If you have ever tried playing Indian casino games, you will know this type of mobile game app idea is the best decision you will ever make. Some casino game ideas include Roulette, Bingo, craps, Baccarat, and Wheel of Fortune.

Card Mobile Game Ideas

Numerous mobile games fall under the card mobile games category, which you can search and choose the one that suits your target audience the best.

The card mobile game ideas can include Cribbage, Poker, Blackjack, Rummy, and Texas Hold 'em.

Puzzle Mobile Game Ideas

Most people love puzzle games, making these games pretty lucrative among industry experts.

Some puzzle ideas are match puzzles, word search, find the difference, block games, and criminal cases.

Board Mobile Game Ideas

Board games tend to test an individual's intelligence and thinking levels. You can include it in your mobile game ideas as many players want cognitively demanding games.

Some of the mobile board games are Chess, Carrom, Ludo, Pool Snooker, Sudoku.

Sports Mobile Game App Idea

You can never go amiss with a sports mobile game app. Most people love sports; therefore, you will gain from it when developing a sports game app.

Some of the sports mobile game apps are Football, Boxing, Golf, Baseball, and Cricket.

Strategy Mobile Game App Ideas

Strategy games can test one's skills with different competitive programming. They unlock the player's ability to strategize and come up with solutions.

Some strategy game app ideas include EuroGames and MindSport.

Educational Mobile Game App Ideas

People want to learn something new every day, which best describes the popularity of educational games. The games can be in the form of exploration and discovering new ideas.

Educational game App ideas can include Fruits games, general knowledge games, and Math games.

Kids Mobile Game Apps

Many parents want their children to engage in constructive and age-appropriate games, which has immensely enhanced kids games popularity.

As a result, venturing into the kids' games app is the best option you can pick as you will never lack customers because the target audience will look for the game themselves.

Some kids' game app ideas include Cooking games, alphabets games, colouring games, and numbers games.

Racing Game App Ideas

Car racing is always fun and appealing to gamers. As a result, racing games are a must-have when you are planning to start a games app.

Some ideas you can try are speed skating, car racing, animal racing, swimming, boat racing, and bike racing.

Augmented Reality Mobile App Game Ideas

These types of games allow you to augment your reality, and you can also visit different locations in the game.

You can select the features to add to your game, making it stand out and enhance its popularity. Some ideas include Teleport games, Pokemon Go, and Zombie games.

Action Mobile Games App Ideas

A little action goes a long way; that is why you should consider it as an idea when you are starting a game app.

The action game apps help unlock the player's problem-solving ideas and attentiveness. Some ideas include; Adventure Quest, Sports League, Critical Operations, Detective games, and Crossy road.

Cooking Mobile Game App Ideas

You can try out cooking games if you are looking to start a mobile game app. These games help test the player's speed and ability to deal with pressure.

Makeup Mobile Game App Ideas

A makeup game app can never go wrong, as everyone today loves makeup. What's even better is that your target audience can be people of all genders and nationalities.

Adventure Mobile Game App Ideas

Who doesn't love adventure? Venturing into this mobile game app will reap success as everyone loves to try out a new thing, especially if the experience is adventurous.

Pool Table Mobile Game App Idea

The pool table is the most popular game of 2021, with millions of players, including experts and novices. Choosing to venture into this game will most definitely give you the desired outcome.

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